Operate Your Business Efficiently With Transport Exchange Companies

The market of transport exchange has a great impact on other business. If the transport system does not work properly then it hinders in the operations of the other business too. For example, a problem with the weather conditions of the coastal areas create problem in the transport of cargo through sea channels. The same is the condition with the other means of transport. When you have to deliver your cargo on time but you aren’t sure that which means of transport you should use, then you should invariably take the help of the transport exchange companies. These companies save your precious time as well as money and make sure that your cargo is delivered on time.

The transport exchange system plays a dual role and help in the efficient working of other business. The word exchange has been exclusively used with transport so as to specify and broaden its horizon. In this system, there are basically two types of trading involved. The first and the large one involves the transport and forwarding of freight from the point of its production to the point of its consumption and the other one is the means of transportation which are involved in the transportation of these freight.

Often the scenario is that the companies are at a loss of finding the correct means of transportation for shipping their freight. In situations like these the transport exchange companies are of great help. They have a huge online database from where you can choose the correct type of transportation. Apart from providing you with the fastest means of freight transportation, these companies also ensure that your freight reaches its destination with minimum damage and on time. With the help of these companies you can make sure that your business operates smoothly and efficiently. Trade is no longer limited to national borders and therefore to manage and organize your freight you must take the help of these companies as they help you a great deal and save a lot of effort, time and money.

Whether it is a multinational company or a small business which has just started flourishing, transport is needed in any business. So if you are into transport business then you must be looking for companies who are in search of haulers. In this scenario too, the transport exchange companies have a great role to play. The transport exchange companies allow those companies who are in need of freight transportation to get to these haulers. In this way they act as an interface between these two kinds of trades.

How To Learn About The Merits Of Auto Transportation

Auto transport is an amazing conception in the transport world. It is very easy process. It helps to shift vehicles one place to another place. People who change their addresses from one city to another or one state to another auto transport helps to deliver their vehicles at their door. There are many auto transport companies worldwide. They provide truck, valuable facilities and services for transporting your vehicles at a suitable rate. Auto transport is also called car shipping, vehicle transport, vehicle shipping, car transport etc.

There are two types of transportation. One is open vehicle transportation. In this process cars or vehicles are carried on a open truck. Open trucks are easy to find. Almost ninety to ninety five transportation trucks are open. About ten to twelve cars can be carried on an open truck at a time. It is good but not too much safe if the climatic condition is not well. The another type of transportation is enclosed auto transportation. In this type the transportation trucks are enclosed. It is very safe way for vehicle transportation. These carrier trucks can carry two to four cars at a time. It is the best way for transportation luxury and fabulous cars. This process ensures full safety of the vehicle that is why it is more expensive than open transportation.

Auto shipping companies provides you two kinds of delivery. One is called terminal to terminal delivery and another is door to door delivery. Terminal to terminal delivery means deliver the cars on a certain time quotation. This type of vehicle transportation provides that once a car is shipped from one terminal to another where it will provide with storage advantages for the car until the owner trucks it.

Door to door transportation delivers vehicles at the customers doors. It is a time and energy saving method for customers. Door to door delivery is more demandable and more easier than others. Nowadays most of the car movers companies offers this facility.

For choosing an auto transport company you must have some necessary knowledge when you go to a car mover company for shipping your vehicle at first you need to make sure that the company has all legal paper works. Company must be licensed. For the safety of your vehicle you can ask about insurance coverage without any hesitation. This insurance will take all the responsibilities of any damage occurs during transportation.

Every company does not offer every shipping option. Willingly offering shipping options is are good quality of a reputed company. So one must check does his/her company offering option or not?

The last thing is that before transporting a vehicle the company and the customer both have to check the condition of the vehicle. It will be good for both of them.

The Advantages of Railway Freight Transport

The use of the railways freight services in transport of bulky goods as well as palletized goods is on the increase. In most developed countries, railway offers the best services as far as the transport of goods is concerned. This has eased traffic jams since a single goods train is able to carry goods that could otherwise be carried in a number of trucks. This is attributed to a number of advantages that railway transport has over other options as far as the transport of goods is concerned.

The railway freight services offer a versatile transport mode capable of transporting a wide variety of goods. This varies from large cargoes to small cargoes, perishables to non perishables as well as urgent and non-urgent goods. Depending on the nature of the goods that are transported at a particular time, the compartments are modified so as to be able to carry the goods with a lot of ease. For instance, if the goods that are being transported include cars, a metallic pallet can be obtained to ensure that the vehicles are firmly supported and that there are fears of damaging the goods. Other transport means such as maritime or commercial air transport are such that a single plane or ship is designed in a way that it can carry a particular category of goods.

The rates that are charged in railway freight services are relatively lower when put into comparison with other transport means such as commercial air and maritime. This is due to the low cost of materials and fuel that are involved in the transport mode. For instance, when you compare the rates that are charged by a freight company to transport goods of the same weight and size to the same place using commercial air transport and railway freight, you will definitely find out that railway is cheaper.

Railway freight has a higher capacity as far as the transport of goods is concerned than most of the other medium that provide regional transport of goods. This is because using the railway you can be able to transport goods of over 100 million tones. When this is compared to other modes such as the use of trucks, railway freight proves to be a more preferred mode to business people who transport large volumes of goods regionally. This is because railway ensures that goods are delivered in bulk and at the same time therefore reducing the risks of some goods getting lost along the way.

The nature of the railway transportation is such that it is more reliable than other transport methods. This is majorly because it is not affected by weather conditions as it is the case with commercialized air transport, maritime and road transport. For instance when there is a heavy down pour or a storm in a certain area, the other forms of transport are majorly affected with some even not being able to operate. These include mostly air transport and road transport where the infrastructure is not up to par. Some goods mostly the perishables may be damaged due to delays that result. In railway freight, weather conditions cannot affect the delivery to a big extend.

5 Great Tips On Dealing With Car Transport Companies

So you have at last purchased the car that you have always dreamt of. Only problem is, the deal has been made in the other corner of the country. Well, you do not have to view it as a problem, as there are many car transport services that help you transport your car from any one point to another. If you are unclear and uncomfortable dealing with car transport services, the following tips may help you deal better with your car transport company.

The Cost Factor

The first question you have to ask the car transporter is: what will be the total cost of car transportation? Here you have to do some homework and ask for quotes from several auto transport companies so that you can compare the rates. The cost of transporting your car is usually calculated on the basis of the following information that you need to supply to the auto transport company:

* Origin and destination points

* Type of vehicle to be transported

* The date of departure

* Type of transport service you want such as door-to-door or terminal-to-terminal etc.

Mode Of Payment

Inquire about the payment method. Most of the auto transport companies will not demand a full advance payment, but others may request a deposit fee that should not exceed 25% of the total transportation cost. Either cash or check is generally accepted, but in case of credit card payment you may be required to pay a surcharge of 2 to 3%.

Go Through The Contract In Detail

Do not go by the verbal promises of the auto transporter, and be sure to put everything in black and white on paper. Make sure that there is a clause regarding the penalties the company has to pay if it cannot deliver your car within a specified time period. Similarly you may have to pay some penalty if you cancel the contract after a certain time limit. But this should not exceed $250.

Inquire About Insurance

Your car should be insured against any kind of damage by the car transporter. Demand a copy of this insurance and know beforehand the type of the coverage, whether it is primary or secondary. If any damage occurs on transit, your car insurance provider will be responsible for paying for the damage. However, if you place any personal article inside the car, the auto transport company will not be responsible for their damage or theft.

Check Thoroughly At Time Of Delivery

Do not be in such a rush when receiving your car, and make sure to examine your car carefully and slowly for any damage. Take note of the mileage in addition to the condition of the car, such as the car roof and bumpers. Instances of damages are rare; still if you find any, make a list of all damage and obtain the driver’s signature on it.

Five Tips for Simplifying A Long Distance Move

If you’re one of the millions of Americans who has moved a home or business in recent years, then you’re aware of the stresses and pressures that come with a relocation. Those stresses are only increased when you make a long distance move, which is any relocation that covers more than one hundred miles. Long distance moves require patience, perseverance, and a partnership with a great moving company.

However, even with the best movers, there are still some things that you can do on your own to simplify the process. This article provides five tips, which have been put together by industry experts, for simplifying a long distance move. The goal is to get you ready for your relocation, so that you can have an effortless and enjoyable experience.

The Five Tips for Simplifying a Long Distance Move

The first tip for simplifying a long distance move is to understand an industry term called, ‘first available delivery date’. Anytime that you have items being transported by a moving company, they are contractually obligated to deliver those items within thirty business days of the first available delivery date. The first available delivery date is the first possible day that you’re ready for your belongings to be delivered and thus the first day that they can be delivered. Moving companies will coordinate their deliveries with the first available delivery date so that there is wasted time during the transportation process. By scheduling their deliveries around the first available delivery date, moving companies avoid having to wait to deliver a shipment (which costs both you and the moving company money). When you understand the ‘first available delivery date’ you can choose the best possible time and date for your items to arrive, and ultimately plan your move more efficiently. If you need time to prepare your new home before your items arrive, then choose your F.A.D.D. accordingly. If you want your stuff to arrive precisely when you do, then you should set your F.A.D.D. so that your items arrive accordingly. When you can plan efficiently, you can simplify a long distance move, so remember to study up on the ‘first available delivery date’.

The second tip for simplifying a long distance move is to understand the various accessorial fees you can and may be charged during your relocation. Long distance moves are subject to fees that include stair fees, elevator fees, long carry fees, shuttle fees, storage fees, extra stop fees, and bulky article fees, in addition to differing from local moves in that they are charged by weight or size instead of labor hours. Stair and elevator fees apply if the movers must carry items up eight or more stairs, or if they must use an elevator. Long carry fees apply when the moving company must carry items further than seventy-five feet when traveling from the unload or loading destination to the truck. This fee increases with each additional fifty foot increment. Shuttle fees are incurred when the moving company must use a smaller vehicle to transport your items from the truck to the final unload destination (this occurs when the truck cannot fit at or near the final location). Storage fees and extra stop fees are a result of the moving company having to store your items for any period of time, or from having to unload at multiple destinations. The bulky article fee is specialized, and depends on the item, its size, and what tools are required for the transportation of that particular item. Additionally, long distance moves are charged by the cubic foot or total weight amounts, rather than by a labor minimum (as with local moves). With a better understanding of what you have to pay for on a long distance move, you can make a rough calculation of what your move may cost, and you can prepare for any issues that may increase the total price.

The third tip for simplifying a long distance move is to get a dedicated truck. This is a service that will cost an additional fee, however it will add a level of convenience to your move that makes it worth the cost. In the moving industry, the term dedicated truck refers to a truck that is used for only one shipment. This offers the exclusivity of having your items travel alone, and the convenience of having the truck make no other stops or deliveries. Often with long distance moves, different shipments are loaded into the same truck, so that the moving company can take care of multiple moves on the same trip. But, with a dedicated truck, there is only one shipment transported by at that time. Because the moving company is losing the opportunity to take on other shipments, they charge more for the dedicated truck service. If you want to have privacy for your items, along with the guarantee that they do not make any other stops before arriving at your location, then you want a dedicated truck. This is the simplest way to get your items from point A to point B during a long distance move.

The fourth tip for simplifying a long distance move is to get expedited delivery. This is the industry term for having your items arrive exactly on a specific date. Expedited delivery eliminates the first available delivery date and makes it easy to plan the unpacking process. With this service, you don’t have to wait up to thirty days for your items to arrive, and you get the added benefit of having the same crew who loaded your things, handle the unloading. This is a result of the fact that expedited delivery often requires moving companies to send two crews, so that they can drive for longer than the twelve hour legal limit. These two crews should be the same men who handle the loading of the truck, and that familiarity will lead to increased efficiency during the unloading process. It also provides peace of mind that you know who is handling your belongings throughout. Expedited delivery comes at an additional cost, but that is to cover the fact that there is a second crew that the company must pay. When you know exactly when your stuff will arrive, and you know who is handling the unloading, the long distance move suddenly becomes much simpler.

The final tip for simplifying a long distance move is to plan properly, and if you’re with a good moving company that should include help from a moving consultant. The goal is to handle the logistics in a way that allows your move to work with maximum efficiency. From picking the perfect date, to choosing the right services (like a dedicated truck or expedited delivery) the moving consultant will make sure that the planning and preparation phase of the move is simple and effective. They will also ensure that you take care of the little things that must be done, including transferring billing information, shutting off or transferring your utilities, notifying all banks, schools, etc., and taking care of discarding unwanted items that will not be making the move with you. Not only will planning be easy, but with proper preparations you will save money on your move, and the stress of the transition will be significantly reduced. A proper plan is the best way to simplify a long distance move, so make sure that you have lots of time to plan and prepare (at least two months).

Now that you have these five tips, your long distance move will be much more simple and effective. All that’s left is to find a mover that can provide the services you need at a rate that fits your budget.

How to Start an Airport Transportation Service

More than just celebrities and corporate executives, many “ordinary folks” are using airport transportation services to get to their destination in a comfortable and timely fashion. The profit potential of the transportation business is at it’s all time high due to more and more people arriving at airports and needing a ride home. I’m going to share some important tips on how you can start and run a successful transportation business.


1. Think about the type of customers you plan to attract before you select your transportation vehicle. Usually, Lincoln Town Cars are used to chauffeur professional and corporate people for to and from the airport or event. Most stretch limousines are used for events like weddings, parties, and proms. Although the stretch limo service is more profitable drivers have to be out late at night and deal with rude passengers and trashed vehicles. Stretch SUV’s can also be used to fit party goers and can rake in upwards of $200 or more per hour.

2. Be ready to advertise. This is probably the most important step because you want to get your transportation business acknowledged by potential clients. It is in your best interest to build a strong online presence so people can find and read about your airport transportation business. A website containing pictures of your vehicles, rates, contact info, and general information about you is very important. Another way to reach potential clients in need of transportation services would be to have business cards printed and hand them to the concierges at hotels and businesses in your targeted area. The main key to advertising is to attract potential customers in places where people are in need of transportation services the most.


*To be successful in the transportation service industry you have to know what the customers look for, would want, and need.

1. Keep your fleet of limousines/taxi’s clean and comfortable for your client and future potential clients. Maintaining your cars using top of the line detailing will help you keep your customers happy and pay off in the long run. Constant trips to the car wash with full service, including vacuuming, is a good way to know that your passengers will be comfortable using your transportation service.

2. Make sure that your insurance and license is up to date to protect you and the passengers should anything happen en route. Getting constant tune-ups and checks to your vehicle will ensure that your clients have a smooth and safe trip.

3. Inform the passengers of the price of the trip. Make sure that your rates are fixed and reasonable, based on your quality of service. You can check on your competitors rates and determine if you would like to offer more or be competitive by offering lower rates.

Know Where the Hot Spots Are

Once your airport transportation business is up and running a good way to boost the amount of clients you transport is to know where passengers frequent the most. This way you’ll be in the direct line of where people are traveling to and be able to add them to your list of clients. (Supply & demand)

For example, in central Florida, Port Canaveral is one of hot spots for tourists and travelers in general. So the smart thing to do is take advantage of this market because a lot of people frequent Port Canaveral all year round. Many people need a transportation service to and from the airport. If they have access to comfortable, convenient, and affordable transportation they will very pleased and you will be the one that provided that pleasant trip for them.

Stand Out From Competition

Every business will undoubtedly have competition of some sort along the way. This is no exception in the transportation service industry. There are many companies in the transportation market that offer great services at competitive rates so you have to provide something the others don’t to stand out from the competition. This might include researching what your competitors’ rates are, vehicles, client packages, and more. You should come up with at least one service that the others don’t offer so customers will be more attracted to your business.

Satisfy Your Customers

One last thing to consider when operating your transportation service is that you will be dealing with actual people. In other words, make sure you are friendly and dependable. People want to be assured that their trip will be fun and that they’re in good hands so they have to take a liking to trust you. Once your clients are satisfied they will refer you to more potential clients and help your transportation business build a great reputation. You never know what future business might stem from a client so it’s wise to treat everyone equally.

Auto Transport Now More Convenient, Affordable and Flexible

A new generation of smart, customer-focused transport companies are making nationwide auto transport more convenient, safe and affordable than ever before. By leveraging the power and convenience of the internet, and by combining both short-distance truck and long-distance rail service options, they also offer the flexibility to use the shipping mode that best meets your price and timing requirements.

Crisp, user-friendly web sites allow used car dealers, and fleet managers to obtain an instant price quote and estimated transit time for door-to-door pickup and delivery anywhere in the United States. Most sites include a convenient pull-down menu featuring frequently-asked questions, as well as downloadable information about shipping tips, terms and conditions. Registered users can also track shipments online. Depending on location, timing, and destination, cars can be transported by truck and/or rail service.

Choosing a quality auto transport company with strong financial backing and industry experience ensures door to door pickup and delivery of your vehicles will be managed by a reputable, licensed and fully-insured service carrier. Your vehicles will be picked up by an auto transporter using a multi-car tractor trailer and transported directly to destination for expedited delivery, or to a terminal to be loaded on a rail carrier for standard delivery. A cost-effective terminal to terminal option may also be available. In that case you’ll be required to drop-off and pickup vehicles at the given truck or rail terminal.

Shipping by rail is affordable and becoming more popular as it gets easier to do. Rail transport is also considered more environmentally-friendly than trucking. In fact, railroads now move a ton of freight nearly 457 miles for each gallon of diesel fuel used. If being transported by rail, your vehicle will be loaded onto a modern multi-level rail car, some of which can hold up to three times more vehicles than a truck. Automotive rail cars are fully enclosed and the vehicles are securely fastened using straps and tire chocks to prevent damage in-transit.

How do you know which auto transport provider to use?

* Start with a reputable auto transport company. Find a transporter that is listed with the Better Business Bureau and is financially strong. They should be licensed with the FMCSA [http://li-public.fmcsa.dot.gov/LIVIEW/pkg_menu.prc_menu] as a broker or carrier.

* Look for an auto transporter that offers the flexibility of combining both truck rail service options. With rising fuel prices, shipping by rail can help significantly reduce your overall shipping cost.

* Visit the auto transporter’s web site. Does it include easy-to-use online tools to obtain an instant price quote and estimated transit time? Can you access frequently-asked questions and additional information about shipping tips, terms and conditions? Does it also offer the ability to track shipments online?

* Work only with an auto transport company who uses reputable, licensed and fully-insured trucking and rail service providers.

* If working with an environmentally responsible company is important to you, look for auto transport providers who are SmartWaysm Certified. [http://www.epa.gov/smartway/transport/partner-list/index.htm].

* Ask how the auto transporter will work with you to quickly and equitably resolve any claim, if damage occurs to your vehicle.

* Thoroughly inspect your vehicle prior to pickup. Carefully inspect the exterior and interior, as well as all fluid levels, operating systems and lights. Note any pre-existing scratches, dents, dings or other problems so you can determine if there was a change in vehicle condition as a result of transportation. Remember to also disarm any safety alarms and remove all personal items from the vehicle.

Make your final selection of an auto transport company based on which one offers the most convenient, affordable and flexible solution that best meets your price and timing requirements.

How to Save on Transportation

How can a person save on transportation? There are several ways, following which one can minimize his/her travel expenses. Though with the course of time, conveyance charges are getting higher, the budget-conscious people can follow certain ways that will help them to save their hard-earned money.

In today’s world transportation cost has become so high that many people are finding it difficult to afford such unbearable expenses. In order to overcome such troublesome situation, people can follow the below-mentioned tips:

Write down which are the places you need to go in this week. Instead of making daily programs, try to visit all those places at one go. This really reduces the wastage of petrol and thus saves your transportation cost.
It is always advisable to use public transportation system. You may have a car, but it is not wise to take it out on daily basis. This is because rates of public transportation is much cheaper than private cars.
If the place you are planning to visit is situated very close to your home, it is better to go there by walking. This saves money and also keeps you fit.
You can also use carpool. There is no doubt in the fact that journey by carpool is comfortable as well as economical.
If possible you can change your vehicle’s full coverage to liability. But before deciding on it, think carefully whether it is worth it.
Each day, we require different types of things and it is not possible for us to go to shops that are situated at a long distance. So, always make sure that you know about all the stores situated close to your residence. In time of need this knowledge will really helps you. Shopping from nearby stores also saves the shoppers’ transportation cost.

Always avoid renting cars, instead of this try to use public means of transportation. Usually, most of the car rental companies charge huge amount for their services, so try not to seek help from them. If you are interested to save money, these above-mentioned tips will really help you.

Travel to Japan on the Cheap – Tips And Tricks How to Get Around

Travel in Japan is known to be incredibly expensive, in fact this country is notorious for sending home travelers with horror stories of having to spend $100 for a steak and even $50 for a beer. There are some travel tips and tricks which can be used to see Japan on the cheap, and if you don’t have a small fortune to spend and it is your lifetime dream to see this country, you should collect as many of these as you can. For the purposes of this article we deal with transportation, how to get around more cheaply and see more; and this is intended as a guide.

It is important to remember that your sense of adventure, will be advantageous to saving money, and this is also dependent on the length of your stay. First off you are going to want to see as much as you can. If you can keep track of your own whereabouts at all times, you won’t have to pay someone else to do this, i.e. a travel guide.

Whether you intend to stay in the Land of the Rising Sun for a few or many sunrises, you will need transportation. For a short stay, rent a bicycle, for a longer stay, buy one and sell it before you leave. Think that if you are in Japan for 2 weeks or more and you can buy a bike for $100 or less, and resell it for the same price, you will have paid very little for transport. You will have to register it at the local cop shop, but it saves you money on subway and other public transport. You can also rent a bike for around $10 – $30 a day!

Taxi fares are abominable, if you must use a taxi, try to share it with someone going your way, and never tip in Japan, there is no tipping! Trains will accommodate your bike when you travel with it, and they cost more than the subway. Buses are cheaper than subways, but they are not labeled in “Romaji” which is the alphabet, and subways are. Even resident foreigners hesitate to take the bus as a means of public transport. However if you are the adventurous type, these buses can take you to a great many places that the subways can’t, and your bike can take you even further than the buses. Also it won’t run out of gas! If you opt for public transport the bigger metropolitan areas multi-trip tickets and passes at cheaper rates. If you are a student, you may even qualify for larger discounts, so make sure you have your student ID card with you at all times. All public transport stations have information facilities for tourists whose staff are very helpful.

The whole of Japan is about the same size as California, to travel long distances you can take the Bullet train or Shinkansen, it is fast, but it is also pricey. There is a good deal of water between islands and your bike won’t pedal on top of water. You can ride in the street if everyone else is, if not and they are using the pavement, you ride the pavements too, remember in Japan, they drive on the left.

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Transportation Tips For Travelers


Book at least a week in advance. For the best discount airfares make a reservation one, two or three weeks before the departure date.

Keep in mind that Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday flights are usually less expensive.

Night time departure flights are usually cheaper.

Try to choose the same airline for the entire trip.

Do not forget to reconfirm your flight times a day before your departure. Inquire about the check-in procedure and the luggage allowance.

Consider packing into transparent plastic zippered bags for easy inspection. Plan to arrive to an airport at least two hours prior to flight time. Do not leave your baggage alone at any time. You may be asked to turn on all of your electric and electronic appliances.

Save up to 65% when purchasing air tickets online through TravelMake, check out our airfare search form.


Budget airlines offer cheap fares around the world. Reserve your flight on the web or by phone, using your credit card to pay.

Most discount airlines’ tickets are unchangeable and nonrefundable, some offer changes on the return dates for an extra fee. In the latter case you need to make changes at least 24 hours before your departure.

Most budget airlines offer one-way flights without a cost increase or penalty which provides an excellent way to connect cheap flights, to link flights with ground transportation. Plan to leave some extra time for the connection, the delay of one flight will cause you to miss another linked flight.

Every budget airline has its own luggage restrictions, make sure you learn them before booking. Many of them allow very limited check-in luggage for free, sometimes only 15 or 20 kg (33 or 44 lbs) charging up to $15 per kg (2.2 lbs) of extra weight.

Discount airlines quite often use obscure airports located far away from from the city center. It can cost you extra money and transfer time.


Make sure you catch the right train at the right place. Cities often have more than one train station, so pay attention. If confused, ask for help.

Each car in a train is labeled separately, cars are usually added and dropped here and there along the journey. Be sure that the city on your car’s label is your destination.

Theft is quite common on trains, so stay alert and observant. Clip your backpack to the overhead rack for safety.

For overnight trips get a couchette — a sleeping berth in a compartment. Reserve it at least a day in advance from. Sheets, pillowa and blankets will cost you extra money.

For an average independent traveler planning to see lots of Europe, the best way to go is Eurailpass. Eurailpasses offer you unlimited first-class travel on all public railways in 17 European countries. Most passes can be purchased from six months in advance to one week ahead. After you buy a railpass, you have six months to validate it in Europe. You can validate your railpass at any European train station by presenting your railpass and passport to a railway official at a ticket window, who will write in the first and last dates of your travel period.


We recommend you to book a cruise early, at least a month prior to the sail date.

Try to be flexible about your travel plans, off-season cruises are almost always cheaper.

By getting a four-day cruise in the middle of the week instead of the popular three-day weekend cruise you might get that extra day at a good rate.

Choosing the right cruise. It is totally up to your taste. The most populat destinations among first-time cruisers are the Caribbean or Mexican Riviera, where you float from one island paradise to the next. More experienced travelers choose Alaska or Canada where you’ll experience calving glaciers and magnificent whales. Cruises to Europe with a few days of trans-Atlantic voyage, culture shock and information-rich shore excursions are recommended for the most experienced cruisers.

Cruise length. Three-day weekend, four-day midweek, week and two-week cruises are the most popular.

Cabins are listed as inside (no windows) or outside (with windows, higher priced). If you plan to spend most of the time in your cabin, choose the biggest room you can afford. Standard cabins have twin beds, which can usually be converted into a queen-sized bed, while bunk beds in other rooms cannot be converted.


There are four types of car rental rates: a daily rate with a mileage charge; a daily rate with a limited number of free miles per day; a daily rate with unlimited mileage; and a rate that has free mileage over an extended period. Vehicles are economical when rented by the week with unlimited mileage. Daily rates are usually quite high, but there are some good 3-day deals. Rates vary from company to company, month to month, and country to country.

Your age may affect the rate. Younger renters (below 25 years of age) can get charged extra money, like being required to buymore expensive insurance. Some companies will not rent a car to a person under 21. There are also maximum age limits which vary from company to company. If you are beyond the lower and upper age limits, look into leasing a vehicle, which has less age restrictions. Leasing a car gets around many tax and insurance costs and is a great deal for people needing a car for three weeks or more. The Netherlands, Belgium, France, Germany, Spain, and Italy are popular places to lease cars.

All car rental companies require a valid drivers license. Some car rental companies check the driver’s record and will deny a car to a customer with a poor driving record. In some foreign countries, an international drivers license may be required.

We wish you a successful and safe trip!